Tips to Choose a Bathroom Layout

Here are the things and tips you need to consider as you choose the most optimized bathroom layout based on your preferences and needs. For more assistance, make sure to hire a bathroom contractor to remodel Boulder as soon as possible.

Never forget to ventilate.

Excellent ventilation is essential for any room, and it’s regularly used in a bathroom. Hence, you’ll need to find a way to eliminate the heavy and damp air due to a steamy shower.

Good ventilation helps keep them fresher and cleaner air you breathe in your bathroom, and it can help avoid any structural damage in the future.

Provide the right space for yourself

Based on the dimensions you need to work with, it might be hard to fit everything you need in your bathroom. For that reason, it’s essential to plan for the required fixtures that will provide a function to the room.

Plan for enough storage

Other people would prefer to keep clean towels handy in their bathroom, while some people would like to keep them in the closets in their bedrooms. Regardless, bathroom storage is still essential, even if it’s to keep toiletries like toilet paper, soaps, and more.

Overhead cabinets, drawers, and even shelves can still use up space and must be assigned their bathroom placement. Determine which items you prefer to keep within your bathroom space. Then, consider these things as you design the storage area.

Add sufficient lightings

Having the right lighting in your bathroom is not just intended for functional purposes. It can add more safety for the individuals who’ll be using the space as well. Commonly, the greatest bathroom layouts include various lighting types: decorative, ambient, task, and accent light.

You may also incorporate lighting fixtures in areas that could add or improve your bathroom’s safety, like in the bathing spot.

Consider the plumbing location carefully.

If you are renovating your bathroom, make sure to keep plumbing as original as much as possible, unless you want to experience the need for a costly and challenging relocation, or maybe fix a macerating toilet.

On the contrary, it would be best if you pay attention to the plumbing systems location according to your new bathroom’s layout—particularly on the area where you’re planning to put the toilet. Meanwhile, you may see yourself experiencing reoccurring issues in the future.

Design together with bathroom users

The first thing you should do as you plan for the best bathroom layout for your household is to determine the number of people who will be using the bathroom and then start to evaluate what their demographics are.

Generally, doing so will provide you with an idea of the estimated measurements since you’ll measure the size of the tub or shower area, how many drawers you will need, and know what a countertop must be. Knowing who uses the bathroom can significantly help in your bathroom’s overall design and functionality.

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